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At Canadian College, and English and French Academy in Bogotá and Online, we offer a variety of courses to study English or French adapted to different levels and schedules, available both in person at our headquarters, at home and also online classes.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits and advantages does studying English and French online have compared to other options?

• Flexible schedule: A major advantage is that classes adapt to the student's availability. Additionally, access to quality teachers and technological platforms is another great benefit.

• Access to quality teachers and technological platforms:
Students can enjoy the latest cutting-edge technological developments, such as Zoom Academic and Cambridge University Press's interactive platforms, which feature games, videos, tests, quizzes, and exercises that measure student progress to consolidate their learning.

• Save time and money:
Saving time and money on commuting is another important advantage, allowing for versatility in line with the daily development of modern life.• Security and comfort: The security and comfort of studying from anywhere, 24/7 with internet access, whether from the comfort of your home or office, or while you are doing some other activity or traveling.

• Semi-personalized approach:
This is another important advantage, as it allows the teacher to guide the learning process according to the student's learning style, enhancing their strengths and supporting them in their weaknesses.

• Improved memory and confidence:
Online learning stimulates the mind and improves cognitive processes, such as information retention, analysis, and synthesis. Additionally, mastering a new language increases self-confidence.

What methodology is used to teach English or French?

The methodology used to teach English or French is the Multidimensional Integrated “Learning by Doing”. Instead of depending exclusively on theory, this methodology is based on the match of experience that is achieved between theory and practice, taken into action in each session, achieving significant learning.

We develop critical thinking in real contexts and situations of everyday life. Students actively participate and interact in relevant and meaningful activities, facing learning challenges so that through imagination and creativity they can communicate in an easy and fluid way.

This methodology is especially effective for language learning, allowing students to communicate properly verbally and in writing.

What type of English classes are offered (live, recorded, individual, group, etc.)?

• 100% online English classes with live teachers: designed to give you a personalized experience. The groups are small, with a maximum of 5 students per session.

• Optional complementary supplement:
which allows you to interact with students from other cultures. Within this complementary scheme, there is a conversation club, grammar and phonetics workshops.

What quality guarantee does the online English or French course and teaching material have?

We have recognition from the Ministry of Education and the international quality standards Bureau Veritas 5555 and 5580.

At our institution, we guarantee the highest quality in our English courses and teaching materials.

Our online English course has been designed in collaboration with Cambridge University Press, leader in the development of texts and platforms for language teaching worldwide.

The quality standards we follow are rigorous and backed by 24 years of experience in language education.

The benefits of our support materials include:

• Accuracy and Rigor: Cambridge materials are based on up-to-date linguistic research and proven methodologies. This ensures that the content is accurate and relevant.

• Communicative Focus: Our materials focus on real communication. Students practice language skills applicable in everyday and professional situations.

• Variety of Resources: We offer textbooks, digital resources, interactive exercises and more. This allows students to learn in a variety of ways.

• Continuous Assessment: Materials include regular assessments to measure student progress and adjust the approach based on their needs. In short, our commitment to quality and excellence is reflected in every aspect of our program.

How long does the online English course last?

Our English course is divided into 5 levels according to the Common European Framework (A1- basic, A2 - pre-intermediate, B1 - intermediate, B2- advanced and C1- improvement) the estimated time is 3 to 6 months per level, depending on the intensity and schedule scheme to which you sign up.

Therefore, you choose the time in months to complete each level. We focus on providing you with the necessary support to achieve your language goals effectively.

What options are there if you miss an English or French class?

In case of absence from an English class, the student has alternatives to avoid falling behind in their process. You can attend complementary schemes such as grammar, phonetics and conversation workshops, you will also be able to address the topic of the session with independent autonomous work guided by the interactive learning platform, which will allow you to cover the content of the missed session.

How many English or French classes can I take during the week?

You can count on availability of schedules from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Friday and on Saturdays from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm. You can study English from 1 day to 5 days per week.

The number of daily classes may range from one to three classes of 1.5 or 2 hours for each session, depending on the academic program you choose at the time of the registration process.

Remember that you will have free support and the necessary guidance from an advisor in Bilingualism to design a course according to your needs. In this program design, factors such as geographic location, academic goals, objective level, learning style, in-person or live synchronous study time with a teacher and asynchronous autonomous with platform will be taken into account.

It is essential to work together with the Bilingualism advisor to find the ideal English course, the right balance and achieve continuity through constant progress in your academic program. This personalized approach allows you to adapt your academic load to your individual needs, ensuring an effective and realistic study plan.

What resources and materials do people who are learning English or French receive?

Students receive all the necessary resources for their training, which include specialized online platforms with their respective access code, physical or virtual teaching texts depending on the language in which they are enrolled.

These resources are designed to provide a structured and effective approach to learning English, facilitating practical understanding of language skills. Thus, the learner will have a complete educational experience, adapted to their individual needs, allowing them to advance effectively in the process of being Bilingual.

What is the Admission process for the virtual English or French course?

The admission process begins with the interest of the applicant, who can request information about our programs through one of our contact channels WhatsApp, Web Chat, and may also contact us by phone call, in-person contact or virtual interview through meet or Whereby.

In any of these channels, you will find the ideal course to add to the shopping cart, through the shopify platform. If you have any concerns, you can request online support from a Bilingualism Advisor, in any of the channels mentioned above, who will guide you in your registration process. If the apprentice has prior knowledge, he or she may take a free classification test before or after the registration and payment process. Once the result of the test is obtained, we proceed to indicate the starting level according to the common European framework.

If the learner does not require a classification test, she may choose the course of interest to her with the guidance of the Bilingualism Advisor. The objective is to select the most appropriate course for each learner. Once the payment has been made, the bilingualism advisor begins the registration process using a digital contracting form. This form collects some personal information and contact data, it also includes course details and specifications such as value, intensity, duration, after completing the form, it is sent to the client for approval, review and signature.

Once the digital contract is completed, proceeds to schedule and schedule the induction to the course, and assign a teacher for the first classes. This comprehensive process guarantees an adaptive and progressive transition from enrollment to the start of the personalized academic program.