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Spanish Course
Clases de español para extranjeros
Spanish for foreigners

Spanish Classes for foreigners

Discover Spanish with our program for foreigners! We offer you a unique opportunity to develop fluent communication skills in different areas of your life: personal, cultural, and professional. 

Our course, designed with a practical and conversational approach, adapts to your needs and schedules, whether at your workplace, at home, or at our facilities. In addition to classes, we offer you the opportunity to explore relevant cultural sites and immerse yourself in everyday life through activities such as role-playing games.

Our live classes, taught by certified bicultural native teachers, are a direct window to the language, and thanks to our Premium Zoom Academic technology platform, you can access them from anywhere. 

Join us on this journey towards fluency in Spanish!

Why choose our Spanish course for foreigners:

  • 100% live classes with students from different countries and cultures
  • Study Spanish from anywhere
  • Certified native and bicultural Spanish
  • 24/7 learning platform with educational support
  • Satisfied clients such as: Canadian Embassy, Air France, Doctors Without Borders, United Nations.
We are a platinum partner English academy of Cambridge English: expert teachers and official materials
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Cambridge Platinum English Partner

Student opinions about our English and French courses

Learn Spanish with thebest metodology.
• They are not recorded classes, live and real-time learning.

• Semi-personalized classes from 1 to 5 students, on average 3 students per session.

• Diversified academic offering and is included in the price of the program.
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Course levels

Our Spanish courses are designed under international standards, associated with the common European framework.
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Course schedule

The online English and French courses offers flexible schedules to adapt to the needs of the student. The student can organize the intensity of the course according to his availability. The time options are varied and can be programmed in the morning, afternoon or evening
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Course duration

Online English courses adapt to your learning pace. The duration of each level is 3 to 6 months, but you can progress faster or slower depending on your needs.
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Out Door Activities

Canadian College complements its English and French courses with outdoor activities such as educational outings, film forums, classes in the park and academic advising.
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Personalized guidance via WhatsApp

Our Admission advisors are ready to guide you every step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits and advantages does studying Spanish online have compared to other options?

• Time flexibility: Live classes with our certified native or bicultural teachers adjust to your time availability, since you can choose the day and time of the session.

• Access to quality teachers and technological platforms: We have the latest cutting-edge technological developments in terms of language teaching, including the Zoom Academic version and the interactive platforms of Cambridge University Press, which have games, videos, quizzes and exercises that measure your progress to consolidate your learning

• Saving time and money: You save time and money on trips, which allows versatility in line with the daily development of modern life.

• Security and comfort: You can study from anywhere, 24/7 with internet access, now either from the tranquility of your home or office, or when you are doing some other activity or a trip.

• Semi-personalized approach:
Due to the semi-personalized nature of our live online program (3 average students per session), the interaction and permanent monitoring They become your main allies so that the teacher can guide your process according to your learning style, enhancing your strengths and supporting your weaknesses.

• Improved memory and confidence: Online learning stimulates the mind and improves cognitive processes, such as the ability to retain information, analyze and synthesize information. Furthermore, by mastering a new language, self-confidence increases.

What methodology is used to teach Spanish?

Integrated Multidimensional Methodology “Learning by doing”: Instead of depending exclusively on theory, this methodology is based on the match of experience that is achieved between theory and practice, taken to action in each session, achieving significant learning. We develop critical thinking in real contexts and situations of everyday life.

Students actively participate and interact in relevant and meaningful activities, facing learning challenges so that through imagination and creativity they can communicate in an easy and fluid way.

This methodology is especially effective for language learning, allowing students to communicate properly verbally and in writing.

What type of Spanish classes are offered (live, recorded, individual, group, etc.)?

• 100% online Spanish classes with live teachers: designed to give you a personalized experience. The groups are small, with a maximum of 5 students per session.

• Optional complementary supplement: which allows you to interact with students from other cultures. Within this complementary scheme, you will have a conversation club, grammar and phonetics workshops.